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Generate a short URL with no ads or tracking. :)

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Shorten long links with a click of a button.

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Peico link shortener is available on the Web and as an Android app.

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Short URLs that don't break

Create short memorable text-tidy links that take less space and can be sharable easily.

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Peico Links Are Secure

Every Peico link you click is checked by Google's Safe Browsing Systems

Bad Guys Out

Create Links That Build Trust, not doubt. When users know that links starting with are safe they are more likely to click your link

Safe browsing

We make sure that the links are safe and not contain any malicious content. Powered by Google Safe Browsing.

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Many users are showing love.

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“I like the app and I see that the UI is very attractive and the most I like about the app is shortened links look good. This app meets my needs.”

Salman Dev

“Simply the best. Better than all the rest. I’d recommend this product. The good thing is the links are safe to navigate without any ads or trackers”

A Google user

It's a pleasure to work on this project. Working To Make Internet A Safer And Fast.

Hrichik Mazumdar
Developer at Peico

We all have been working hard on making this safe and easy to use for all

Kumaraswamy B.G
Developer at Peico
It’s time to taste it

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Good for personal use

  • Unlimited usage
  • Custom short URLs
  • Branded URLs
  • Private Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Support


Best for businesses to create branded URLs

  • Unlimited usage
  • Custom Short URLs
  • Branded URLs
  • Private Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Support